Culture Manifested in the Opening Ceremony of 2008 Olympic

"Professor Min Chen of MIT gave an invited talk on 'Culture Manifested in the Openning Ceremony of 2008 Olympic' at MIT and UMass. It was such a big success at UMass that they insisted that he goes back to give another talk. His new topic will be:
'A dialog with two famous poets Su Tung Po and W. S. Merwin across space-time and disciplines'
Professor Chen is a poetry lover and he and a poetess Lolita Chuang wrote a joint letter and a poem to Poet Merwin, commenting on Merwin's new poem "To Su Tung Po", which was published in the New Yorker and has recently been selected to be one of the best American poems of 2008. Professor Richard Powers, another famous poet, delivered in person the poem and letter of Lolita Chuang and Professor Chen to Merwin before the Culture Talk, resulting a dialog."